Travelling through Vietnam

bivouac, hunting, gathering and a lot of new adventures

In 2016 I celebrated the fact that I was 30 years on this planet. As for a birthday-present, my girlfriend, friends and family decided to give me a great present!
They bought me a flight-ticket to go to Vietnam and planned a great trip together with two of my friends!
In the months before the flight we have been collecting hunting gear (for reef-fishing) and obtained a lot of info for the trip.
Visums were arranged and the vaccins taken. We suited ourselves with 3 bad-ass sets of fish-spears and of course a big bunch of bushcraft/survival gear. It was great that my Fjällräven Kajka backpack provided enough space to also fill it with a lot of gear from one of the friends which have gone ahead.  Besides the hammock, tarp, sleeping-mat and bag we also took a lot with us to be able to have a tropical bivouac… Our MUST-DO for our holiday!

On October the 15th we took the plane from Amsterdam and only 20 hours later we landed in ‘Ho Chi Minh City‘!

We arrived in the end of the wet monsoon so as we descended towards Ho Chi Minh it got darker and darker as if it was night. Later we where welcomed with a good shower. It turned out to be the time of day that rain would come down with litres at a time. But for us it was quite a shock to see that much rain after a flight to a place which was called tropic.
We would stay in the city for 2 days before heading further to our final destination, Phu Quock Island.
Because we didn’t yet wanted to surrender our stomach to the oriental cuisine of Vietnam, we decided to head for the ‘Vibe burger’, a great hamburgerbar in Ho Chi Minh City and had a great night with the people there. We enjoyed the fiew at the market and the good vibe there very much!

Vibe burger ho chi minh saigon
The next days we visited some cultural highlights in town. Got acquainted with the local cuisine, visited some museums and because we could, got ourselves a tailor made suit (which we could pick-up on our way back).
What a great and busy town Ho chio Minh is!!! All people are working like day and night, always ready to be of service!
We found out soon that Vietnamese people are very friendly and hard working people. They almost work around the clock! Respect!! I am happy we have time for hobby’s though! 😉

Culture Ho chi minh saigon war vietnam

Local cuisine Ho chi minh Saigon Vietnam

After two days in this crowded and busy city we went on to Phu Quock Island.
Quite another type of place. Everything went much more relaxt and we soon found ourselves swimming in the sea, in front of our environmentally friendly, “off the grid” and 100% solar powered Bamboo cottage! A beautiful family-run getaway. The place to be for nature lovers like us!
Before we knew it, we were drinking our welcome-drink while swimming in the sea!

As we were not yet completely acclimatized the alcohol shot us quickly and things were directly walking out of hand! First we were missing two out three glasses… Then we found the glasses but were missing the GoPro and things were getting serious…
Fortunately 10 minutes and a lot of stress later, we miraculously also found the GoPro in the coastline full of breakers and zero vision. This made it possible to continue filming all our adventures! Pfew!
Lesson learned through! When using the GoPro at sea, always use a safety line or floater!

Later that day we were completely installed in our cottages and it was time to get back in the holiday vibe.
We went swimming, chilling and enjoining the great food from the restaurant and went for bed. Next day we wanted to get our fishing gear in action for the first time.

The next day, we rented  2 canoes (free available at the cottage) and went for the closest small island to start with reef snorkelling. As the sight was not very good due to a storm it was more like a practice with the material but that was fine. The ‘on the map’ uninhabited island wasn’t that uninhabited as we wanted because some hotel-chain started building a restaurant on the island, probably not understanding that this would not help the region to keep it’s natural beauty. It was fun meeting the local workers though! When we made a small fire on the beach to cook our adventure-food on, it didn’t took long before one of the workers joined us with fresh caught lobsters! As we were very curious how he managed to catch such a bunch of lobster in such a small amount of time, some minutes later, we were holding our own! Great to learn skills from locals!!!
They had traps set out and were catching the lobsters while working on the building project!
Delicious to eat fresh cough lobster on the beach like that!