Last months have been quite chaotic so there has not been a lot of time to go into the forest. But sinds a few weeks I’m all up for it again! Prepare to find me in the forest!!!

Last week’s I’ve been camping in the wild with Bertine from ‘Back to nature‘ and with Maarten and Robin. It felt really great to be back in nature. Last 3 bivouacs all had a shelter in it so I hope I’ll be able to train myself in reducing the building time and work on the efficiency.
The first bivouac with Bertine was quite extreme for me as I’m used to camp in cold conditions with a campfire beside me. As the weather has been dry and freezing for several weeks, this wasn’t an option. Code orange was given, this means a high risk of a forest fire so we didn’t made a fire… COLDDD!!!
For me… Bertine seemed to not care about the weather at al 😉 It was a lot of fun to see what she all has made out of combining all kind of natural materials into tools and products. Enjoying the view of her nice self-made shelter for camouflage. It was also a great experience to see that a fire is a luxury but not necessarily needed to pass the time in good company.

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The second bivouac started a bit late in the evening. As I arrived on my camping spot I started with setting up my DD tarp and pumping up my mat to go to bed directly. The next morning I was woken by the loud voices of the birds telling me that spring arrived!! The best way to be woken if you ask me!
I got out, had my breakfast with a lovely cup of spruce-tea and wanted to build a small shelter. As I slept in a beautiful spruce-forest, pushed back by two enormous beech trees there was enough construction material nearby. I started and one hour later a beautiful frame was build! Topping it of with needles and another shelter was build!
Around 1pm. my friends arrived and we decided to expand the width to a two person shelter. When we were done playing around we had a beautiful campfire (it has been raining a lot in between) and Maarten showed how good he could cook meat. Delicious!
Do you know that aubergines and courgettes in aluminum foil or in Round-Leaved Dock leaves (Rumex obtusifolius) can easily be thrown into the hot coals of the fire. Take them out when they are well softened and they will taste delicious! Even a little bit sweet!
All filled up for a good evening with good company!

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Next week I’ll probably take the bicycle out of the barn and have a sleep-over somewhere in the Dutch forests!
Hopefully the weather will be good!

Enjoy the forest you all!!

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