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See what bushcraft and survival adventures took place and join me on the journeys.
On this page you’ll find textual reports, videos and photo’s of my experiences.
Get inspired to start your own adventures, I’ll be happy to hear how they were!


Learn the best  bushcraft and survival skills,
on this page you’ll find information about the skills you might need when you want to stay for a short or longer period in the forest. I’ve learned my skills by reading books, searching the internet and above all by practising it and by adapting the information to the actual context of my forest. Get inspired and start adapting the information from this page to your environment!


Bushcraft and survival are both oriented on minimalism. Only use what you can find in the surrounding area. As nobody can start from scratch, and it is also more comfortable to have anything along, you can find information about products I use in the forest on this page.

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